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On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2016 | Firm News

One never knows why some young people make what appear to be very foolish decisions at times. Sometimes, those decisions result in legal trouble. In such circumstances, it is wise to remember that every person accused of a crime is able to request legal representation as part of a defense. One teenager in Missouri now faces such charges after being arrested for first degree robbery.

Allegedly, the young man entered a leather store and attempted a hold-up at gun point. The store owner claims that he noticed that the gun the 18-year-old was holding was not real. Authorities say that at some point during the supposed altercation, the accused fled the premises on foot.

Later, police arrested the teenager. He apparently told them that the entire incident was meant to be a Saint Patrick’s Day prank. Currently, he is being held in jail on a bond set a $25,000.

Being charged with robbery or any other crime at such a young age can have a significantly negative impact, not only on a person’s reputation, but on certain potential future opportunities in one’s life. However, in some situations, an experienced criminal lawyer is able to build a strong and aggressive defense on behalf of a defendant to achieve a positive outcome in court. Laws regarding expungement vary by state; in Missouri, it is sometimes possible to have certain misdemeanor convictions wiped from a person’s criminal record history. A criminal defense attorney would be able to explain this process and answer any other questions a person preparing to face the court might have.

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