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Sometimes, a person in Missouri may face legal challenges that arise from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being accused of minor theft or other misdemeanors can still have a negative impact on one’s standing in the community. It is sometimes possible to obtain a dismissal of charges or expungement of your record so that residual adverse effects of a minor incident do not follow you through life.

The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith is equipped to serve clients throughout Eastern Missouri. Many times, the guidance of an experienced and dedicated criminal attorney can be the key factor in obtaining positive results in court. Justice is for all in the United States, and our legal team is prepared to begin the process of your defense by determining whether any of your constitutional rights have been violated during or in the aftermath of your arrest.

Through confidential consultation, we can help you gain a clear understanding of any state or federal laws that pertain to your situation. Our clear understanding of all facets of the criminal justice system allows us to provide sound legal counsel as to what options may be available to you and how best to proceed in defense against the charges you now face. We can help you overcome all obstacles that may be impeding a potentially positive outcome in your present circumstances.

In you have been charged with minor theft or other misdemeanor crimes in Missouri, your freedom is important to the The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith. In appropriate situations, we are ready to challenge the prosecution’s supposed evidence against you. In all circumstances, we are committed to providing diligent and personalized service to help our clients protect their best interests and accomplish their legal goals.