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Fighting Possession of Drugs Charges in A Missouri Court

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2016 | Firm News

The prosecution of those accused of drug-related crimes in Missouri is typically very aggressive. If one has been charged with possession of drugs, it is crucial to build a strong defense to minimize the potential negative outcome of the situation. Many drug convictions carry penalties that include lengthy prison terms and substantial monetary judgments.

A defendant who relies on experienced legal representation to plead a case in court often increases the chances of avoiding incarceration or at least obtaining as positive an outcome as possible given the situation. In a recent incident, the Missouri National Guard took part in a multilevel investigation that resulted in the arrests of four people. Those arrested range in ages from 20 to 47.

Apparently, a law enforcement canine and a helicopter were used to track two people who allegedly escaped into the woods during a police home search. The chase is said to have lasted approximately 15 minutes, with the suspects fleeing a couple miles from the initial area. Reportedly, those attempting the escape gave themselves up to authorities when they saw the dog and aircraft.

Charges of possession of drugs with intent to deliver have been filed against two of the suspects following the recent incident. Another man has already been released from jail. One man is still in jail but has not been charged at this time. A Missouri criminal lawyer would be able to explain all options that might be available toward building a defense against drug charges in the state, and anyone accused of such crimes is advised to request a meeting with an attorney as soon as an arrest has taken place.

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