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On Behalf of | May 18, 2016 | Firm News

When community professionals or officials are accused of illegal drug activities, their reputations are at stake. Criminal law assistance is available to anyone facing drug charges in Missouri; this is often a key factor in obtaining a positive outcome in court. Defendants typically wish to minimize the potential negative impact such charges can have on their futures; thus, retaining experienced legal counsel is often crucial toward this end.

Three doctors in another state are currently facing serious legal challenges regarding an alleged drug scheme run out of their community clinic. The men were supposedly offering services to help those with substance abuse problems and their families. Prosecutors say, however, that instead of helping those on drugs overcome their addictions, they worsened the problem by selling them illegal prescription drugs.

Reportedly, the physicians sold more than $5 million worth of drugs through the guise of their community clinic. Authorities claim that many alleged victims suffered injury due to the lack of appropriate guidance and support that was supposed to be provided at the facility. Each man now faces time in prison, as well as substantial fines, if convicted in court.

Federal authorities tend to aggressively prosecute criminal law charges of this nature. For this, and many reasons, it is typically beneficial for a defendant to act alongside experienced legal counsel when interacting with law enforcement agents and court officials. In Missouri, the penalties for conviction of federal drug charges are often severe; therefore, anyone facing such charges will want to secure legal help in minimizing the possible negative consequences of the situation.

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