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On Behalf of | May 10, 2016 | Firm News

Missouri parents no doubt wants to do all within their power to teach their kids how to avoid the dangers of drunk driving. Every DUI incident not only places lives at risk, but may also present serious legal challenges to a driver when formally charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime. Students in Farmington recently participated in a program designed to raise awareness to help them make better informed choices regarding drinking and getting behind the wheels of motor vehicles.

Local fire and police departments joined efforts to present a graphic demonstration of the risks associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. In the school parking lot, student actors and local officials and rescue workers performed a mock accident so that those watching could get a close-up look at what first responders often deal with at a crash site. Though none of the events were real, students were given much to think about with regard to any choices they might make concerning alcohol and driving in the future.

Whether the mock drunk driving collision will deter students from imbibing alcohol and then driving their cars remains to be seen. In fact, there may have been some audience members who might already have experienced what it is like to face DUI charges in court. Typically, one’s view of such things changes after being personally involved in a related incident.

There will certainly still be situations where young adults are pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Anyone facing such circumstances in Missouri may request legal representation immediately. From that point forward, a criminal defense attorney can speak on behalf of the accused in all interactions with law enforcement agents and court officials.

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