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On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2016 | Firm News

A recent case in Missouri involves a man who has been accused of holding up two convenience stores within 16 minutes. These charges come directly after previous robbery and drug allegations that the man has supposedly committed. The man must now focus on a criminal defense as he faces the pending charges.

According to police claims, a 23-year-old man held up two Kum & Go convenience stores within the space of half an hour. Police were alerted to the alleged crimes because of reports from the stores and also from an eyewitness account. A woman supposedly associated with the suspect was taken into police custody after she was seen driving the man to both of the stores. She has since protested her innocence.

Police also claim that the perpetrator of these crimes was involved in a crime involving the sale of marijuana during the first month of June. He has recently been arrested by authorities. He is now being held on a $100,000 bond for the current robbery cases and may also face other charges due to the alleged use of a firearm during the course of the crime.

The Missouri man in this case, as all others accused of crimes at the state or federal level, retain the right to acquire legal representation when preparing to stand before the court. Regardless of robbery or other types of charges, all persons are presumed innocent unless and until proved guilty in court. Presenting a strong criminal defense may ensure that all applicable rights are protected and that the accused individual will be treated fairly at every stage of criminal proceedings.

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