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On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2016 | Firm News

Missouri law is strict when it comes to drug-related crimes. Being accused of possession of drugs or other illicit drug activity may have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on a person’s private and/or professional life. Those facing such charges will want to explore any available options to build a strong defense.

Depending on the circumstances, a person may need experienced legal guidance even before an arrest has been made. Simply being named in a drug investigation is often all it takes to place a person’s reputation at stake. The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith has achieved positive results for many clients facing drug charges throughout the state.

Much often depends on whether a defendant is facing charges for the first time or has an extensive criminal history related to suspected drug activity. Regardless of your particular situation, we are prepared to help you obtain as positive a result as possible. To begin with, we can investigate the process under which you were arrested and/or charged with a drug crime to determine whether any of your personal rights were violated by law enforcement agents.

From there, we can help you choose the best possible strategies for fighting the charges against you in a Missouri court. The potential penalties for conviction of possession of drugs or weapons crimes often related to drug incidents are typically quite severe. By contacting The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, you can take the first steps toward building a strong and aggressive defense.