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On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Firm News

A man is said to have used the internet to develop a relationship with a minor child for the purposes of enticing her to have sexual relations with him. The girl had apparently expressed unhappiness in her current living situation, and the man reportedly told her he could help. She was brought to Missouri, although it still remains unclear how she got there, because the man denies driving her there himself. The man is now one of many who have faced or are facing internet sex crimes charges in the state.

The man says someone else transported her from her home state to the area. The girl told authorities that the man destroyed the SIM card from her cellphone and that he forced her to remove the phone’s battery. She said once she was inside his house, she was afraid to leave because he was in possession of multiple firearms.

Reportedly, the 41-year-old man filmed himself having sexual relations with the 15-year-old girl on numerous occasions. These films were apparently taken without the girl’s knowledge. Although he has pleaded guilty to transporting a minor across state lines to participate in criminal sexual activity, he also told authorities he thought the girl was 18 and that another person had brought her to Missouri.

A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for October 2016. The man may face life in prison and as much as $250,000 in fines. Being accused of internet sex crimes in Missouri is obviously a serious matter. When the alleged victim is a minor child, the gravity of the situation is intensified. A criminal defense lawyer would be able to offer guidance to a person facing such charges in order to help minimize the potential negative impact of the situation.

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