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On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2016 | Firm News

For a parent to have a minor child accused of crime is an obviously stressful situation. When a teen faces charges of theft or other misdemeanor infractions, it is advisable to seek criminal defense assistance before proceeding to court. The laws and regulations that govern juvenile matters in Missouri may differ from those pertaining to adult defendants.

In a recent incident, a teen in Missouri has been accused of stealing a World War II flag that a woman in another state treasured as a family heirloom. Apparently, the flag had covered the coffin of her father, a veteran, in 1969. She had reportedly displayed the flag at a campground during Memorial Day weekend.

The woman claims to have received texts from the young man that she says raised her suspicions against him. Supposedly, the boy had been staying at the campground with relatives at the time the flag disappeared. She further stated that she enlisted the assistance of authorities after the boy and his family refused their cooperation in the matter.

Missouri police allegedly worked with New York authorities to locate the flag. The owner of the flag says she is very happy the item has been recovered. Local authorities have entrusted the whole situation to juvenile authorities in the state. Each state has laws regarding a parent’s accountability for theft or other criminal actions of a minor child. Parents facing such circumstances will want to gain clarification of the laws in their state before the situation is brought before the court.

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