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On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Firm News

Penalties for a conviction for stealing another person’s property in Missouri vary depending on the details of an individual situation. Obviously, the theft of one item may be considered far more serious than that of another. Regardless of events that may have led to an arrest, a person facing such charges may request immediate assistance from an experienced defense attorney.

Several recent incidents occurred in Neosho that have resulted in criminal charges being filed against those allegedly involved. In one instance, officers were apparently investigating a report of a stolen cellphone charger. After conducting a vehicle search, they claimed that, although they found no evidence of the theft, they did find drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Another reported theft involved a missing bicycle that has been valued at $1,000. Apparently, the woman who placed the call to police said the bike was missing from her garage. Police later stated that the woman had left her garage door wide open.

In the same town, another resident claimed that a personal vehicle had been broken into from a rear window. A satchel containing fly-fishing supplies was allegedly taken in the theft, and damages have been listed at $150. Anyone charged with similar crimes in Missouri may begin building a strong defense to fight those charges by contacting a criminal lawyer in the area for assistance. An attorney can begin the process by investigating the details of police investigations to determine whether any personal rights were violated in the process. If such is believed to be the case, an attorney would know how best to formally address that situation in court.

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