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On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2016 | Firm News

It is legal to imbibe alcohol just before driving a car as long as one’s blood alcohol content is not raised beyond the legal driving limit. However, many drivers choose not to drink at all because they do not want to raise any suspicions, especially if they are pulled over in traffic stops. Many would rather avoid any possibility of being charged with DWI in Missouri than risk getting into trouble over a few drinks.

In some incidents, however, authorities who claim they have reason to believe that a motorist is driving while intoxicated may request that the driver undergo a Breathalyzer test. A person may refuse to submit to such a test, but may benefit by having an understanding of the potential consequences of such a decision. In addition to issues regarding breath tests, Missouri drivers will want to be aware that even a first offense conviction of drunk driving could lead to as many as six months in jail.

Various options exist for contesting drunk driving charges. The strategy one chooses typically depends on whether it is a first offense, as well as whether any evidence exists that law enforcement agents acted contrary to protocol when conducting searches or field tests. An experienced criminal defense attorney is able to investigate the situation and advise a defendant as to what may be the best way to address a particular situation in court.

The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith is committed to helping those in Missouri charged with DWI seek positive resolutions to their problems. Many charges, such as those filed against someone with prior convictions, are aggressively prosecuted, with state attorneys requesting maximum possible penalties. By acting alongside representation offered at The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, you may be able to minimize the potential negative impact your situation may have on your future.