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Two in Missouri Charged with Possession of Drugs

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2016 | Firm News

A recent incident occurred in Missouri that resulted in two persons being taken to jail. Multiple charges against them include first-degree felony offenses related to possession of drugs. In this state, such charges are considered quite serious and carry potential penalties of life in prison, if convicted.

This particular situation began at a Walmart department store in Republic. The 35-year-old man in question is said to have gone out of the store carrying a car battery for which he had not yet paid. Allegations against him say he took the battery outside and installed it in his vehicle. The 44-year-old woman with him at the time was detained by police inside the store. They claim she was witnessed stuffing store merchandise into her purse without paying for it.

Police then conducted a search of the parked vehicle. Officers say they found numerous drugs and items often associated with drug use and distribution inside the car. Methamphetamine, pills, a loaded firearm and other drug paraphernalia were among the items police claim to have discovered during their search. Both the man and the woman were taken to a county jail.

Bonds have been set in both cases. The man is being held on a $25,000 bond, while the woman’s is set at $15,000. When charged with possession of drugs and other criminal offenses in Missouri, seeking immediate assistance from an experienced attorney may increase one’s chances of avoiding conviction or, at least, obtaining the lightest sentence possible if a conviction is handed down in court.

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