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On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2016 | Firm News

Missouri used to be called the methamphetamine capital of the United States. Some law officers may still think that assessment is correct. Reportedly, an investigation that lasted more than a year recently culminated with seizures of drugs, cash and weapons in four separate raids. Now, several dozen people are likely looking to devise effective criminal law defenses.

At least 36 arrests have been made in connection with the recent drug raids. Drug enforcement agents say they seized millions of dollars in cash drug money. Heroin, meth and high-powered weapons were reportedly also seized.

Authorities say they believe these types of drugs are coming from large labs south of the Mexico border. Any statements regarding how the drugs ended up in the United States would be pure conjecture at this point. The fact remains, however, that every one of the three dozen people arrested will be given the chance to fight against the charges against them in court.

Aggressive criminal law defense is often crucial toward minimizing the potential negative effects of such situations. Whether in Missouri or another state, anyone accused of drug-related crimes can begin building a strong defense by requesting a meeting with an attorney. Building a defense often begins with analyzing the process under which a search and seizure and/or arrest may have taken place to determine whether any personal rights were violated. From there, an attorney can act on behalf of a defendant if it appears that law enforcement officers acted outside the scope of strict protocol; in such cases, a challenge against state’s evidence may be submitted to the court.

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