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On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2016 | Firm News

Chances are, if Missouri police suspect someone of illegal drug activity, they are going to aggressively pursue the matter. If, at some point, an arrest is made and charges filed, the person accused will have his/her work cut out to avoid conviction. Penalties under conviction for possession of drugs often involve extended prison sentences, as one man recently learned.

The man reportedly entered an open guilty plea, which means there was no assurance of a particular sentence. The crime to which he admitted guilty involved possession of methamphetamine. The prosecutor stated that he believed an 8-year sentence would be sufficient in order to send a message to the community that those who commit drug crimes will be severely punished.

The crime to which the man pleaded guilty is said to have occurred in July 2016. Authorities say the man sold methamphetamine in exchange for $50 to a controlled buyer working with their drug task force. The sale went down at a government-assisted apartment complex that also contained a children’s playground.

At some point, police searched the complex and discovered the money the buyer had used on the floor next to the man in question. Not every person accused of possession of drugs in Missouri will plead guilty or go to prison. In fact, there have been many instances where experienced defense attorneys have obtained dismissals of charges against their clients, or they have secured lighter sentences under conviction that the maximums allowed by law. Anyone currently facing challenges regarding such matters can request a meeting with a criminal lawyer in the area for guidance.

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