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On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2016 | Firm News

Being charged with a drug-related crime in Missouri presents several challenges with regard to defense. If a person is charged for possession of drugs, drug manufacturing or distribution, it can have an immediate negative impact on all aspects of that person’s life. In such situations, it is never too soon to begin exploring all possible options for building a strong defense.

Penalties for drug convictions vary. Much depends on whether charges are prosecuted at a state or federal level. With regard to state level charges, each state’s guidelines may differ; therefore, anyone preparing a defense against drug-related charges in this state is advised to seek clarification on existing drug laws before executing a plan.

Various decisions need to be made when determining how one will fight against drug charges in court. Whether to deny charges or enter a guilty plea, whether to challenge any portion of the state’s supposed evidence, and whether to represent oneself or retain assistance from a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney are some of the many choices a person charged with a drug crime might make. Those who act alongside aggressive representation often increase their chances of obtaining positive outcomes.

If you are currently in need of guidance concerning possession of drugs charges or other criminal allegations in Missouri, you may contact The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith to request assistance. By doing so, you can gain information regarding defense options and receive sound counsel as to how best to proceed to achieve the best possible outcome in your particular situation. With effective representation throughout the entire legal process, you may be able to minimize the potentially long-lasting negative effects drug charges may have on your future.