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On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2016 | Firm News

Missouri state troopers were quite busy during the recent holiday weekend. One master sergeant said the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday following the holiday are their busiest times of the year with regard to traffic stops. This year, more than 100 motorists were arrested for DUI in Missouri during that four day period.

There were also approximately 100 drug arrests made during traffic stops along state highways during the recent holiday weekend. Being arrested and charged with a crime can obviously disrupt one’s holiday celebrations. Since many people travel a substantial distance to be with family and friends, it is likely that some of those arrested are not residents of this state.

Whether passing through another state during holiday travel or at any other time of year, it is important to be aware of that state’s drunk driving laws if one plans on consuming alcohol then operating a motor vehicle. Not every person arrested and charged with intoxicated driving is convicted, however. Many times, chemical test results show a driver was acting within legally accepted limits of blood alcohol content in their blood at the time the incident occurred.

If a person charged with DUI in Missouri hopes to avoid conviction, it is typically best to contact a defense lawyer as soon as possible following an arrest. Even if a conviction is handed down in court, an experienced attorney is often able to help minimize possible long-lasting negative consequences of a particular ordeal. There is often a lot at stake for a person facing drunk driving charges; generally speaking, the stronger a defense one is able to present in court, the better chances are for a positive outcome.

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