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On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2017 | Firm News

Police in Missouri receive complaints of a variety of different alleged crimes on a daily basis. While all allegations deserve to be investigated, there is not sufficient evidence for a conviction in all cases. Despite recent allegations that two teenagers took part in a robbery, it is unclear what evidence supports the charges against them.

The alleged victim in the case is a man in his 20s. He was reportedly attempting to buy drugs and apparently said he had arranged a meeting with the two teenagers who have since been arrested. The parties are said to have met in a parking lot one evening in February.

However, the man claims that when he arrived the teenagers demanded his “property” and showed a gun. It is unclear what property the accuser says was taken from him. Police say that they were able to track down two suspects from a partial license plate number provided by the accuser The teenagers now face criminal charges, including armed criminal action and robbery. Neither the alleged victim or another male suspected of being involved in the incident were charged.

Because it is possible that a person could fabricate criminal activities, Missouri prosecutors must meet a high burden of proof in order to gain a conviction. In cases where it is simply one person’s words against another, it is often difficult to remove reasonable doubt. Many people accused of robbery and other crimes often ask an experienced defense attorney to examine the elements of their case and create a defense as well as negotiate for a reduced sentence and/or charges in a plea deal.

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