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On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2017 | Firm News

Families can be complicated. Often, while family members have love and affection for one another, disputes in which family members are unable to come to an agreement can arise, resulting in serious conflict. However, one woman in Missouri claims that a argument with her brother led to an assault. The man recently pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

The incident that led to charges reportedly occurred in June 2015. According to reports, the woman and her husband visited her brother, apparently on his farm. Reports indicate that the two parties were having a dispute over approximately 2 acres that they own together and bordered the brother’s farm.

The woman and her husband claim that her brother drove the spears of a fork loader into the window of their pickup truck. Fortunately, no one was injured. The man was initially facing felony charges, including tampering with a motor vehicle and first-degree assault. However, he pleaded guilty to careless and imprudent driving, a misdemeanor, as part of a plea deal that dropped the felony charges. As a result of the plea, he will receive one year of unsupervised probation.

In some cases, a person in Missouri might blindly accept the charges against them because of the lack of familiarity with the justice system. However, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help them negotiate for a reduced charge and/or sentence. A plea deal, such as in this case, can have a significantly lower penalty for the accused in comparison to a conviction of more serious charges, especially felony assault charges. An attorney can help a defendant fully understand the options available and the possible outcome of each.

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