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On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2017 | Firm News

It is difficult to be a teen. In addition to pressures related to performing well at school and making decisions that will impact the rest of their life, teens often face additional pressures from peers, coaches and teachers that most adults would cave under. Unfortunately, police say that a teenager in Missouri attacked a sheriff’s deputy after he was questioned about an allegedly threatening message found on a whiteboard in a high school locker room, resulting in assault and other criminal charges.

Police say they were notified after “Die NA Die” was discovered on the board. Although it is unclear how an identification was made, police say that they went the the 17-year-old’s house after he was named as a suspect. Reports claim that he became agitated when he was asked about the message.

Officers claim that the teenager ran to get a sword from a different part of the house when a deputy pulled out handcuffs. Police also claim that the 17-year-old broke an arrowhead off an arrow and attempted to stab the deputy with it. The deputy allegedly suffered a puncture wound on his leg and a cut during the incident. The juvenile has since been arrested and faces several charges, including two felonies.

A teenager faced with accusations made by sheriff’s deputies likely feels fear and stress. Now this teen is left facing decisions that will likely have a major impact on the rest of his life. To help him and his family fully understand the assault and other charges he is facing, the Missouri teen would likely benefit from the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With such help, he will be more prepared to make informed decisions about the direction his case will take, including whether to fight the charges in court or accept a plea deal.

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