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On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2017 | Firm News

Because of the stigma associated with recreational drug use, police in many different areas often go aggressively after those they suspect of using or selling drugs. While their zealousness can be admired by some, a person cannot be convicted of a criminal charge unless there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because the average person in Missouri has little experience with criminal law, assistance may be needed when facing accusations regarding possession or delivery of illicit drugs.

Two men in Missouri are likely considering their best course of action following their recent arrests. Police say that they were arrested after two people overdosed. One of the victims, a 25-year-old man, was discovered deceased in a bathroom of a restaurant. The second victim overdosed at a library, but an officer was able to deliver of dose Narcan, a drug used in cases of opiate overdoses, and she survived.

Police believe that a bad batch of drugs is going around the area. Reports claim that they put extra effort into locating the source of the drug. They believe that one of the two men who were recently arrested facilitated the sale that they believe resulted in the first victim’s death. Further, they say that the two men were seen with the victim at the library where she overdosed. They have since been charged with delivery of a controlled substance, but additional charges could be added once an autopsy is complete.

While the desire to discover drugs that could be even more harmful than usual is understandable, it is unclear if police have sufficient evidence against the two men to meet the high burden of proof required to obtain a conviction. Even if the accused men were in the same building as one of the victims, it could simply be a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. To help them understand the criminal law issues related to their cases, the two Missouri men each have the right to an attorney. A lawyer can help ensure that the client is fully prepared to make informed decisions about the case.

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