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On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Firm News

There are many different sides of a story. Often the version reported in the news following an incident believed to involve violence does not provide all the details. Regardless, a person accused of a crime is presumed innocent in court unless sufficient evidence is provided to prove otherwise. A man in Missouri is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested for assault, among other charges.

The incident that led to his arrest occurred on an August night. Police claim they received a call about an alleged domestic assault. When they arrived, they claim they discovered a woman who had injuries consistent with being choked and struck in the face. Her husband, who she claims caused her injuries, allegedly left the home before police arrived.

Officers claim that they were soon able to locate the man in his pickup truck and pulled him over. However, when they asked him to exit the vehicle, they say that he drove away, prompting a chase. When an officer attempted to pass him, the man allegedly struck the police cruiser, damaging it and injuring the officer driving it. Reports indicate that the truck became disabled when the man drove into a ditch. Police say they were able to subdue the man with a stun gun and take him into custody.

The 35-year-old Missouri man now faces several charges, including assault of a police officer and domestic assault. If convicted, he could spend more than 30 years behind bars. Because of the potential consequences of a conviction, it may be especially important for him to have someone with experience fighting such charges on his side. With help, the man may have more confidence in the decisions that he must make as the case proceeds.

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