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On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Firm News

When a person in Louisiana is charged with a crime, he or she likely has several questions. Unfortunately, defendants in criminal proceedings often do not have the necessary legal knowledge to make informed decisions about their cases. For example, a man is likely wondering about his future after he was recently arrested on assault and other criminal charges.

The incident reportedly happened on a day in early September. Police were called to the scene of a residence. Two people who lived there claim that the defendant drove his truck onto the property and drove it around the house before striking one of the people. That individual claims that the man then threatened to run him over with the truck.

The alleged victim further claims that the driver of the truck did attempt to strike him but instead hit a garage on the property. When police arrived, the defendant and his passenger were lying on the ground; the alleged victims reportedly had a gun pointed at them. After police said the man said to have been driving to the truck alternated between unresponsiveness, confusion and incoherence, a blood test was conducted.

In addition to assault charges, the driver is also accused of driving while intoxicated by drugs and property damage. It is unclear if the passenger in the truck was charged. Many people in Louisiana who are facing drug charges seek guidance from an experienced attorney. Someone with legal knowledge and experience can help a defendant examine all elements of a case and make decisions regarding the most appropriate path to follow.

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