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On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2017 | Firm News

Gas station attendants often have difficult jobs. Because they are often alone, they could easily become targets for robberies, especially at night, creating a great deal of anxiety for such workers. Unfortunately, police say a gas station attendant in Missouri has recently been arrested and charged with murder after a man was killed following a dispute.

The incident happened on a night in late September. According to reports, the 39-year-old suspect became involved in a dispute with a 34-year-old male customer. The dispute apparently centered around whether the customer attempted to steal candy from the store. Police believe that the gas station clerk followed the customer into the parking lot where the dispute continued.

Unfortunately, police claim that the clerk shot the customer in the back of his head, causing his death. He has since been charged with armed criminal action and first-degree murder with bail set at $1 million. The defendant has no prior history of criminal charges. Police claim that the customer did not leave the store with candy.

Many people in Missouri who are accused of murder and other criminal charges have little experience with the legal process. As a result, they are left making decisions that will ultimately have a major impact on the rest of their lives without the necessary information to make informed ones. Fortunately, there are criminal defense attorneys who can help guide defendants through the criminal process. With such help, those accused of a crime are better equipped to make informed decisions about their case, including whether to accept a plea deal or fight the charges in court.

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