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On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Firm News

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time of the day or night and for a variety of different reasons. When people are involved in an accident, regardless of whether they suffer physical injury, they could react in a way that might make police suspicious even if no criminal action has occurred. Unfortunately, a woman in Missouri was recently charged with two counts of DWI following an accident that sent at least three people to the hospital.

The incident happened on a day in March. Police say they were called to the scene of an accident with injuries. They further claim that when they arrived at the scene, they discovered a woman who reportedly had glassy, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Additionally, they claim that she was was struggling to walk properly.

She allegedly told police that she was driving a vehicle that rear-ended another, causing the latter to run over two male pedestrians and hit a third vehicle. Police reports indicate that she admitted to drinking prior to the accident, but the authorities claim she soon became uncooperative, requesting medical treatment and refusing a blood test. She was then transported to the hospital, and a warrant for the blood test was obtained. The two men suffered serious injuries and were transported to the hospital.

The woman now faces charges of DWI causing a serious injury. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of an accident — especially one believed to have caused an injury — those involved may be in shock or otherwise unable to fully understand the questions police officers may have for them. To help assess whether she was treated lawfully during the events that led up to the Missouri woman’s arrest and help guide her through the upcoming decisions she will have to make, she may choose to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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