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On Behalf of | May 31, 2018 | Firm News

Car accidents happen in Missouri for a variety of different reasons. The time it takes to change a radio station or check a text message, for examples, is all the distraction that is needed to cause an accident. However, it may be easy for law enforcements officers to assume that a person is under the influence of alcohol when an accident occurs at a certain time of day. In fact, one young man is suspected of DWI following a recent crash.

The incident happened one night on a day in May and only involved one vehicle. According to police reports, a 22-year-old male was driving a vehicle that exited the left side of the road. The vehicle then hit an embankment, causing it to overturn.

Reports indicate that the driver suffered moderate injuries. He was transported to the hospital where he received treatment and was released. Reports indicate that the vehicle was significantly damaged in the crash.

In addition to recovering from his injuries, the man must also cope with the DWI accusations that he now faces. Despite claims made by Missouri police, it is unclear what led officers to believe that he was under the influence. In all criminal cases, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help the young man examine all of the elements of his case, helping him make decisions regarding the path his case will follow. In some cases, those facing such accusations choose to fight them in court, while others choose to accept a plea deal, if offered.

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