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On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Firm News

For many people in Missouri, sharing a dwelling with a roommate can have some complications. However, while some will argue about who is going to do the dishes, it is rare that violence occurs. Despite this, a man in Missouri has recently been taken into custody and is being held following the alleged murder of his roommate.

Police became involved in the situation after they received a call about the well-being of the deceased man. A co-worker contacted them after the man did not show up for work. Reports indicate that it was reported that the man typically contacted his place of employment if he was not going to be in.

When they arrived at the home, police say that no one answered the door, but they were able to gain entry to the home. Inside, they claim they discovered the man’s body. They believe he died as a result of foul play and named his 33-year-old roommate as a person of interest. The roommate was taken into custody soon afterward and is being held. Many details about the man’s death are unclear.

Most people in Missouri who have found themselves involved in a murder investigation are often unsure how to proceed. They often face tough questions from law enforcement officials without a thorough understanding of how the information they provide may be used against them. Fortunately, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help them respond to the questions even if no charges have been filed. Having such a person on their side can help those charged or being held by police fully understand their options, giving them confidence in the choices that they make.

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