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On Behalf of | May 14, 2018 | Firm News

Anyone who has worked in a school system knows of the challenges that these workers face. However, despite the known challenges, most employees respond professionally and within the scope of their training as they encounter issues throughout the day. Unfortunately, a security guard at a school in Missouri was recently charged with assault following an alleged interaction with a teenager.

The incident happened on a day in May. Reports claim that the incident involved a 63-year-old man working as the director of security at a school. According to reports, the man confronted a 14-year-old at a middle school, prompting a verbal disagreement between the two. The reason for their disagreement is unclear.

Police say that the teenager attempted to walk away, but the man tased him as he did so. The student was transported to the hospital where he was treated for the minor injuries he suffered and released. The security guard has since been arrested and is accused of a class A misdemeanor, assault in the fourth degree.

Unfortunately, accusations of assault can place a significant burden on the lives of those accused. Often, defendants are unsure of their legal options and the potential outcomes of each. To help ensure that they are fully prepared to make informed decisions regarding the direction of their case, many in Missouri hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide them through the justice system. With such help, they often feel more prepared to make necessary decisions, including whether to fight the accusations in court or accept a plea deal, if offered.

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