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On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Firm News

When a person dies in a mysterious way, the demand for answers and justice is understandable. Unfortunately, as more time passes it may be more difficult to answers these questions and provide evidence to support speculation. Despite over a year passing since the discovery of a man’s body, five people in Missouri now face charges, including accusations of murder, related to his death.

The 61-year-old victim, who had disabilities, was reportedly a resident of some sort of group home, called Second Chance Home. Reports indicate that the man went missing from the home in the fall of 2016. However, investigators claim that he was not reported missing until April 2017, just weeks before his body was found, allegedly “entombed in concrete.”

Two of the people recently charged with his disappearance and death were responsible for caring for him at the home. Prosecutors say that they did not take appropriate care of the man, failed to seek medical assistance when he was experiencing a medical emergency and disposed of his body without notifying authorities. A separate civil lawsuit argues that the two took the deceased man to their home where they forced him to perform manual labor and fight with another resident of the home for the pair’s enjoyment; prosecutors did not address these allegations when announcing the charges and declined further comment on them. Three other people also face criminal charges connected to the case.

The loss of a life is always a tragedy. However, the accusations against those involved in the Missouri murder case are serious, and it is unclear what evidence supports them. In all cases, regardless of their details, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Otherwise, those facing charges cannot be convicted.