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You made a mistake, and you decided to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Based on your BAC level, an officer charged you with a DWI. You worry significantly about how the penalties will affect your life, but you know that a suspended license will bring undue hardship to your livelihood.

In Missouri, you have the ability to apply for RDP, or Restricted Driving Privileges. A modified license may help you continue normal life after your criminal conviction and let you continue to work or attend school.

When dealing with license suspension penalties for a DWI, it proves essential to contact an experienced attorney. Criminal defense attorneys hold significant expertise in obtaining restricted driving rights for individuals, and you want the best opportunity to gain approval from the court.

Applying for RDP Licensure

Unfortunately, if you have committed any other alcohol-related offense in the last 5 years, you may not prove eligible for an RDP license.

If this DWI constitutes your first offense, the state of Missouri offers two options when determining your RDP eligibility.

1. Immediate RDP: With an immediate RDP, you will receive restricted privileges immediately after a court determines that you require a license. RDPs only allow you to travel to and from:

  • Your work

  • Your home

  • School or classes

  • Court obligations

  • Medical treatment

  • Religious services

  • Child care

  • Grocery stores and gas stations

Though you receive the RDP immediately, the privileges last for 90 days, and the court requires you to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). You must provide proof of the installation and insurance, and you must pay for the device yourself.

2. 30-day suspension: With a 30-day suspension, a judge strips you of your driving privileges for approximately one month. You may not operate a vehicle at this time. After the time requirement expires, you receive an RDP license for the final 60 days of your penalties, but you do not need to purchase and install an IID.

A DWI mistake does not need to affect your work and relationships. Though Missouri court inflicts punishments for driving while intoxicated, if a court proves that this offense is your first, you may have the opportunity to drive to and from specific places with an RDP license.