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On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Firm News

When a person is accused of a crime, he or she is often left to make several confusing decisions that will likely have a significant impact on the rest of his or her life. Often, with the guidance of an experienced attorney, the decision to plead guilty is made. In fact, a Missouri woman accused of embezzlement for her former employer has recently done so.

The embezzlement is said to have begun in April 2014 and continued until she was terminated in March 2017. The 41-year-old woman worked as an office manager for a pharmacy. As a result of the guilty plea, she admits to four different counts of wire fraud.

Law enforcement officials believe that she took money from her employer in four different ways. The largest bulk of the almost $150,000 came from taking cash from daily receipts prior to making a bank deposit; she reportedly doctored accounting books to match the deposits she was making. Reports indicate that she also inflated her wages by giving herself raises that were not authorized and used business credit cards to pay for her personal expenses. She is also accused of making payments to her personal credit card from the pharmacy’s bank accounts.

Unfortunately, accusations of embezzlement are often complex and carry significant consequences. In some cases, even those who did not commit the crimes of which they are accused may choose to plead guilty if they believe that there is sufficient evidence for a conviction, particularly if they’re able to secure a plea agreement that includes favorable sentencing considerations. People in Missouri facing such charges often feel more confident in their decision-making abilities with an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side.