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While the justice system serves to act — well, just, it’s still subject to the pitfalls of human error as with anything else. If you believe your case was somehow mishandled, you have the right to seek an appeal.

How Can an Appeal Help?

Making an appeal means asking a higher court to reconsider the decision reached in your case. Depending on your evidence, you may have grounds to appeal your conviction or the verdict you received as punishment. Otherwise, you may appeal the entire trial and essentially have a do-over, if accepted by the higher court.

Do You Have the Grounds to Appeal?

There are several ways a case could be mishandled. If something was not handled legally during your case and you can prove that this may have caused a skewed conviction or verdict, you may have grounds for an effective appeal.

Here are a few examples of reasons you may want to appeal your case:

  • You were victim to legal malpractice by an attorney

  • Crucial evidence was mishandled or went missing

  • Crucial evidence was illegally obtained — including testimonies

  • The arrest was invalid

  • Crucial DNA evidence was misrepresented

Can You Prove Your Case?

The law and process for initiating an appeal in Missouri can be complicated. Additionally, when a verdict has already been made, it can be difficult to secure the evidence you need to win your appeal. To overcome these challenges, it’s important to recruit a professional to help with your case.

Gregory N. Smith has experience as a forensic scientist. That means someone on your side can review DNA evidence used in your trial closely. He also has experience representing these cases in the St. Louis area and in federal court. To have the best chance at protecting your rights and your future, consult with The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith about the details of your unique case.