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On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Firm News

Most people in Missouri and across the country would agree that many people in the United States have strongly held political beliefs that they would go to great lengths to protect. Unfortunately, opposing views can often lead to conflict. In fact, a college student has recently been charged with assault due to his alleged actions in a protest.

The events that led to the 23-year-old man’s arrest reportedly happened on a college campus on a day in mid-April. Reports indicate that the man and several others were protesting a talk given by a controversial political commentator. The school’s chancellor acknowledged that opposition to the speaker had sparked peaceful protests earlier in the day.

However, the arrest apparently came later in the day. The college student now facing criminal charges reportedly sprayed “an unknown chemical substance” at police officers with a water gun. Though reports indicate that the substance burned the officers, tests later revealed that it was lavender oil and non-toxic household cleaners.

In addition to the assault charge, the man is also charged with destruction of property — due to damage to the police officer’s uniform — and disturbing schools or other lawful assemblies. Regardless of the claims made by law enforcement officers, there must be sufficient evidence to support these allegations to meet the high burden of proof demanded by the court for a conviction. Because the criminal justice system can be overwhelming, many people in Missouri facing charges feel more confident in their ability to navigate it with an experienced criminal defense attorney guiding them.