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On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Firm News

Most people in Missouri work hard at their jobs. Many dedicate large portions of their lives to one employer. Unfortunately, one man who has worked at a community college since 1992 is now being accused of embezzlement.

Reports indicate that the man was the manager of the college’s Workforce Solutions Group. As part of the fund associated with this job, businesses can hire the college for employee training or receive reimbursement from the fund if they choose to hire a third-party trainer. The college claims that they were notified of potential irregularities with the fund — of which the man now accused allegedly was the only person with access — in late April.

Once notified, the college reportedly hired an audit firm to help investigate. Through the investigation, it was allegedly discovered that the man had created a fake company, registered with the state of Missouri, in which he had been diverting funds from the workforce solutions group. Officials claim that he was able to divert approximately $5.4 million in funds this way.

The college has since sued the employee — currently on unpaid administrative leave — for the alleged financial mismanagement. They also notified state and local authorities. Though it is unclear if criminal charges will be filed as a result of the allegations of embezzlement, the man will likely want an experienced attorney on his side even before charges are filed. Such a professional can help guide him throughout both the pre-charge process as well as the steps that follow criminal charges if he is ultimately accused formally.