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On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Firm News

Police officers have difficult jobs. They frequently put their own lives at risk while trying to protect the lives and property of others. Often, they must make decisions in the heat of a moment that could make the difference between suffering a personal injury or returning home safely to their families after their shift. Unfortunately, an officer in Missouri is now charged with second-degree assault following what she describes as an “innocent mistake.”

The incident that led to criminal charges against the police officer reportedly happened on a day in April. The 37-year-old officer became involved with a 33-year-old woman after receiving a call from a grocery store; the caller reported that two women left the store without paying. The officer reportedly confronted one of the women in the parking lot, and a “struggle” ensued.

Reports claim that the suspect attempted to run from the scene, prompting the officer to announce that she was going to deploy her taser. Unfortunately, the officer claims that she accidentally drew her service weapon and shot the woman in the torso. Family members of the woman claim that she is still in critical condition.

The Missouri police officer, a 13-year veteran, resigned from her position in the days following the announcement of second-degree assault charges. As a result of the incident, she now faces a significant legal situation, forcing her to make multiple decisions that will ultimately have a significant impact on the rest of her life. To ensure that she is fully informed about her options, she may opt to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide her throughout the process.