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On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Firm News

For many people in Missouri and across the country, an encounter with a law enforcement officer can be panic-inducing regardless of whether the person is engaged in illegal activity. Unfortunately, it may be instinctive for some people to flee when such a confrontation appears imminent. In fact, a man now faces drug charges after prosecutors claim he fled from a traffic stop.

The incident that led to the man’s arrest happened on a day in early June. According to reports, a sheriff’s deputy attempted to stop a vehicle allegedly driven by a 45-year-old man. Unfortunately, officials claim that the man did not stop, resulting in a pursuit.

The man reportedly crashed his vehicle and was taken into custody after a foot pursuit that reports describe as “brief.” A search of the man’s vehicle is said to have resulted in the discovery of a package on the floorboard. Police contend that the package contained an unspecified amount of cash and over 6 pounds of methamphetamine.

Charges against the man include possession with the intent to distribute. Unfortunately, he now faces a potentially complicated legal situation as a result of the accusations against him. Many people in Missouri who have found themselves in a similar situation feel overwhelmed by the criminal justice process, unable to fully comprehend their situation including how to appropriately respond to the drug charges they face. Fortunately, there are professionals who can provide the necessary guidance that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding the directions their cases will follow.