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On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Firm News

There are many safe drivers on Missouri roadways. These drivers are vigilant at all times and prepared to appropriately react should an obstacle enter their pathway. However, even the most safety-conscious driver may not be able to respond in time to the unexpected actions of another driver. Unfortunately, a driver is now suspected of drunk driving following a recent collision — of which many of the details remain unclear — that sent six children to the hospital.

The incident happened during the evening hours of a day in late June. According to reports, a 29-year-old woman was headed north on a Missouri road when she attempted a turn. Reports claim that a southbound vehicle driven by a 33-year-old man struck her vehicle.

There were six children in the northbound vehicle at the time of the collision. All of them were transported to the hospital; two — a 10-year-old and an 18-month-old — are listed in critical condition. Neither of the drivers were injured. Though no charges were filed in the immediate aftermath of the accident, the southbound driver was arrested, suspected of driving while intoxicated.

Accusations of drunk driving can have serious consequences. Those facing such charges in Missouri are often unsure of their legal options, prompting them to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Often, such assistance can be helpful during the initial stages of a case, potentially before charges are even filed. With such assistance, those suspected of a crime often feel more aware of the potential consequences of any information that they provide and more confident in their ability to appropriately respond to any questions from law enforcement authorities.