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On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Firm News

Feeling panicked at a particular moment can cause people to act hastily. They may not think about their actions at the time, but those actions could end up costing them dearly. In some cases, individuals could be charged with assault if they acted in a violent manner in a moment of panic.

It was recently reported that a man in Missouri was taken into custody after an alleged altercation with police officers. Apparently, the man was on foot around 11 p.m. when an officer attempted to stop him. It was unclear why the officer wanted to make contact with the man, but the man purportedly pulled out a weapon and fired shots at the police officer’s vehicle, causing damage to the window. The officer did not suffer any injuries in the incident.

The man left the scene, but authorities apprehended him two days later after receiving tips regarding his location. The man was reported as being 29 years old, and he is currently facing charges for armed criminal action, second-degree assault and first-degree property damage. He also had outstanding warrants for his arrest. It was noted that authorities are still investigating.

Addressing assault charges and other allegations is not an easy task. This man will certainly want to make sure that he fully understands the charges brought against him as well as his criminal defense options. Gaining information from local Missouri legal resources may allow him to become more knowledgeable on his available options and help him feel more at ease as his case moves forward.