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On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Firm News

When a tragedy occurs, there is an understandable need for answers. While this need is often accompanied by a desire for justice, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order for someone to be convicted of a crime. Despite this, it is unclear what evidence supports the murder charge a Missouri man is now facing following a fatal house fire.

The incident that led to the man’s arrest reportedly happened on a day in January. A 39-year-old man is accused of setting a fire that is said to have caused the death of a teenager. Reports indicate that the defendant was a cousin of the deceased’s stepfather and was living at their home.

The teenager’s mother was able to escape the fire, but firefighters had to remove the teen from the home. He did not regain consciousness, according to reports, and his family ultimately made the choice to remove life support the following day. A family member claims that the man set the fire after he was asked to move out of the home. It is unclear why law enforcement officers believe the fire was intentionally set or what evidence supports the claim that the defendant was the one who started it.

In addition to second-degree murder, the Missouri man is also charged with first-degree arson. He is currently being held on a bond of $1 million. Because of the seriousness of the charges against him, the decisions that the man makes in the coming weeks and months will likely have a significant impact on the rest of his life. As such, he may benefit from guidance from a professional with experience with such cases who can ensure that he is fully informed of his options and their potential consequences.