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On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Firm News

It is often difficult to determine what might be running through a person’s mind when faced with confrontations with law enforcement officers. Some people may act instinctively, which could lead to a complicated legal situation. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is now facing such a scenario following a pursuit that occurred after police say they received reports of drunk driving.

The incident reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in February. Police say that they received reports of a driver who was possibly intoxicated and may have stolen a vehicle. Officers reportedly located the driver and vehicle on a Missouri interstate.

Police say that the driver drove into a ditch and struck a police vehicle when re-entering the roadway. The chase allegedly continued with reports claiming that the driver reached speeds as high as 100 mph. Police are said to have successfully deployed spikes, but the driver continued for another mile before hitting a culvert and overturning.

Though reports indicate that Missouri police believe the driver was drunk driving, neither the driver’s identity nor his medical condition has been released. Even though it appears that no criminal charges were filed in the immediate aftermath of the accident, the man may choose to seek advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Such a professional can help the man as he responds to the accusations against him, even if no charges have been filed against him yet. Having such a person on their side often gives confidence to those facing similar accusations.