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On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Firm News

Anyone who has spent any time driving a vehicle has likely experienced an incident when an unsafe maneuver occurred. Likewise, many drivers in Missouri have likely also been accused of performing an unsafe act that they may not believe was unsafe. Either scenario could potentially result in a road rage incident. In fact, a man is currently behind bars, accused of assault, due to the allegations he faces in a road rage incident.

The encounter reportedly took place on a day in February. According to a driver allegedly involved in the incident, the wife of the alleged victim in the incident, a driver cut off the vehicle she was driving. She claims she honked her horn at the driver who flipped her off. She says she returned the gesture.

She then claims that the man backed his vehicle into hers before driving away. She says that she followed the driver until he came to a stop in a parking lot. At that time, she claims that her 68-year-old husband and the driver became involved in a physical altercation, allegedly after the other driver opened her husband’s door and started attacking him, resulting in injuries that required treatment at the hospital.

The defendant, who reportedly left the scene, is said to have been taken into custody soon after. He has since been charged with assault in connection with the incident and is being held on a $500,000 bond. Despite the details reported in the media, the reports only represent one side of the story, and the man is presumed innocent unless sufficient evidence is provided in court proving that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. To help the Missouri man decide how to best proceed following the allegations, he may choose to seek guidance from an experienced professional.