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On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Firm News

When an incident that is believed to involve a crime happens, police are often left to make decisions regarding who is at fault based on the reports of those involved in the incident. When details conflict, they may make a decision regarding whose version they think is most reliable, often with little information to support their final conclusion. For example, a woman in Missouri is now facing assault charges involving an incident in which she claims the alleged victim attacked her first.

The events that resulted in the 39-year-old woman’s arrest reportedly happened on a day in March. The alleged victim claims that he and the woman were spending time together in an apartment; he states that they were smoking meth and drinking. He further states that the woman became upset when he refused to get more meth.

According to the man, the woman began to assault him with a knife. The man was reportedly admitted to the hospital with stab wounds in his upper torso and neck. Though police say that someone witnessed part of the incident, the woman claims that the man attacked her first.

The woman is now facing felony charges, including armed criminal action and first-degree assault, following the incident. If convicted of the charges, she could spend the rest of her life behind bars. As such, she has several significant decisions to make as she navigates through the criminal justice system. Often, people in Missouri who are facing such charges and have little legal training or experience feel unprepared to make informed decisions, prompting them to seek guidance from an experienced professional.