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On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Firm News

When a crime occurs, there is an understandable demand for answers. Unfortunately, those who are suspected of committing a crime may not fully understand their legal rights and options. In fact, two men in Missouri now face criminal charges, including murder, after investigators concluded that a fire was suspicious.

The fire in question reportedly happened on a day in early April. Upon extinguishing the fire, officials say that they discovered the body of a 77-year-old woman. Law enforcement officials reportedly believed that the fire was suspicious, prompting an investigation that allegedly found a link to other fires in the area.

Though many details are unclear, officials say that their investigations led them to a 30-year-old man who they interviewed on more than one occasion. The man allegedly told police that he and a 23-year-old man thought that the victim had $20,000 hidden in the home. He is said to have told police that they entered the home one night, thinking that no one was home. However, when confronted by someone inside the residence, they allegedly beat the woman, killing her, and then started the fire.

Both men are now facing charges of first-degree burglary and second-degree murder. Unfortunately, when confronted with law enforcement officers, many people in Missouri and across the country are unsure of their rights. As such, having an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side can ensure that they are aware of their rights and the potential implications of any information that they might provide, including how it will likely be used against them.