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On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Firm News

Most people recognize the importance of stop signs. Unfortunately, even the most careful drivers can sometimes overlook a traffic sign while driving. Reports indicate that a former police officer in Missouri is now facing multiple criminal charges, including DWI, following a fatal crash that is believed to have been caused by failure to obey a stop sign.

The incident happened on a night in late February, but a recent report by the Missouri State Highway Patrol notes that it was asked to investigate as a driver involved in the incident served as the chief of the area Department of Public Safety. The report claims that witness statements and vehicular data indicate that the 47-year-old former officer accelerated through an intersection, failing to stop at a stop sign. The action, according to police, resulted in a head-on collision with a vehicle whose driver was attempting a left turn.

All three occupants of the officer’s vehicle reportedly suffered serious injuries in the collision as did the driver of the second vehicle; a 22-year-old female passenger of the latter died. Responding officers claim that there were signs that the officer had been drinking but accused him of failing to cooperate with field tests; a breath test allegedly revealed a BAC of .072, but reports accuse him of manipulating test results by blowing around the device. A blood test obtained four hours after the accident demonstrated a BAC of .049.

The Missouri man, who resigned following the accident, faces multiple charges. In addition to DWI causing a death, he is charged with armed criminal action and DWI causing serious injury. Despite his reported law enforcement experience, he may feel unprepared to decide how to appropriately respond to the allegations against him as well as unable to carefully examine the evidence against him to determine its accuracy. To ensure that he is fully aware of all of his options and their potential outcomes, he may choose to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.