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What are the penalties for a domestic violence conviction?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In Missouri, being charged with any form of domestic violence can cause a series of problems in a person’s life. There are different levels for which people can face arrest. It is important to understand the law, what constitutes a specific allegation and the available options to consider after an arrest.

What are the basics of a fourth degree domestic assault charge?

One potential charge that can be lodged is domestic assault. It will be in the fourth degree if the victim is a household member or a family member. That includes children. Understanding the tenets of these cases is essential as a household dispute that gets out of hand could spark an arrest that will have a harmful impact on a person’s life.

In general, these charges may arise if the victim suffers an injury, experiences pain or becomes ill stemming from another person’s acts. Using a weapon or an instrument will warrant criminal negligence charges.

If a household member states they were put in a position where they feared injuries were about to be inflicted, it will also fall under this law. Physical contact that would knowingly be deemed offensive or isolating a person from others can also result in an arrest for fourth degree domestic assault.

One of the most common ways in which generally law-abiding people find themselves caught in these circumstances is through domestic violence. Being fully cognizant of the penalties is imperative immediately upon being arrested. This is a Class A misdemeanor except in cases where there was a prior conviction of this type of crime. The penalties for a conviction can include as much as one year in jail and fines for up to $2,000.

Charges can damage your life and reputation

In addition to the criminal penalties, a domestic assault charge may result in a negative perception in the community. These cases can happen to anyone. Knowing the possible consequences and how to address them is vital to try and avoid jail, fines and the challenges that accompany these accusations.