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On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Firm News

For an individual facing criminal charges, it is important to gain an understanding of the legal processes relating to the situation. If charged with sexual assault, the accused individual may wish to look into how the criminal court system addresses the issues and what legal options could potentially come in handy for moving forward. Some circumstances could result in defense options that may not be available in other situations, and parties may wish to determine what may be best for them.

One man may be hoping to find out helpful information regarding his situation after he was taken into custody. It was reported that the man was allegedly involved in the abduction and sexual assault of a woman. The woman claims that she was abducted from a park in Missouri and driven around in a truck for hours, which resulted in the pair ending up in a neighboring state. She also alleges that she was sexually assaulted before being able to escape.

It is unclear whether the woman came back to Missouri on her own, and it is also unclear how the police were alerted to the situation. However, authorities were reportedly able to match fingerprints from the woman’s car to the man, and he was taken into custody in Illinois. He is currently facing extradition proceedings in order to be formally charged in Missouri in relation to the case.

Sexual assault and the other allegations leveled against the man could result in severe punishments if he is convicted. As a result, he may wish to explore the options that are available to him. If preferred, he may want to consider a plea bargain that might allow him to face a lesser sentence in exchange for entering a guilty plea. Whether he chooses this path or another, such as proceeding to a trial, information on criminal proceedings in Missouri relating to his situation may prove valuable.

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