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On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Firm News

Some people fall on hard times in their lives. As a result, many people are left seeking help, including shelter, from others. However, police now claim that a man committed several crimes, including statutory rape, at a homeless shelter in Missouri. Some of the charges carry a life sentence.

According to reports, a young girl told authorities at the end of 2014 that the 26-year-old man had sex with her multiple times. The sexual relationship allegedly started when the young girl was 7 years old at The Missouri Hotel, which was a homeless shelter at the time. The girl claims that the abuse continued for several years.

In April, another girl made claims against the man, alleging that he also had sex with her multiple times. She claims that this abuse occurred in a different location. In addition to statutory rape and child molestation charges, the man also faces charges of statutory sodomy. Many of the details of the case are unavailable due to the nature of the charges. At the time these charges were made, he was already being held as a result of unrelated charges for filing false income tax returns.

Because the accusations in the case are so serious, the consequences of a conviction are severe. The man could spend the rest of his life behind bars. For a person with little familiarity with the criminal justice system, help from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Missouri may be necessary. An attorney can help advise the man regarding his rights in regards to the statutory rape and other charges and help him make informed decisions regarding the course of his case.

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