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On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Firm News

With Halloween coming up this weekend, it is a good time to discuss the laws surrounding the holiday and sex offenders. Halloween is a very popular time of year for many residents of Missouri. However, it can spell trouble for those who have been convicted of sexual assault and other sex crimes in the past that now require them to register as sex offenders.

In fact, sex offenders who fail to abide by the laws may face new criminal charges. Sex offenders are not permitted to participate in any activity at Halloween that could potentially involve children. This includes offering candy to trick-or-treaters. As a sex offender, you are required by law to keep your lights off during the hours that children are out collecting candy. In addition, you must place a sign in front of your home that states, “No candy at this residence.” In some cases, you may be unable to drive after the sun sets on Halloween.

Keep in mind that these laws are not only in place to protect children from alleged and convicted sex offenders. These laws are also designed to help protect sex offenders from potentially violating the terms of their paroles. In the majority of states, if a convicted sex offender fails to abide by the “no candy” rule, he or she may face up to three years of incarceration.

Any individual who has been convicted of sex crimes and has to register as a sex offender in Missouri needs to ensure that he or she fully understands the law and how it applies to him or her. By following the rules as they apply to you, you will be able to protect yourself from potential allegations of sexual assault and other sex crimes. If necessary, consult with an experienced attorney to ensure you don’t step out of line this Halloween.

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