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On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2016 | Firm News

Controversy has arisen in Missouri surrounding an alleged video that was posted on Facebook, then deleted. A person who claims to have seen the video filed a report with police. The incident led to two teenage boys being accused of sexual assault against a female classmate.

The supposed incident is said to have occurred at a local hotel. Allegations claim that a video was posted on Facebook showing a boy fondling an unconscious girl. Another boy is suspected of filming the alleged incident as it took place. One of the teens has reportedly denied assaulting the girl in a post on his own Facebook page.

Neither of the boys has been publicly identified, nor have any charges been filed against either one. Reports indicate that the girl and two boys met at a pool hall on a day in December and spent the night at the hotel together. Those who saw the video claim that the victim’s face was visible on film. It was also stated that she appeared to be partially unclothed.

Though the reported incident occurred off campus, the school district has been made aware of the situation. Missouri school administrators say that they are prepared to cooperate with authorities in an investigation into the alleged sexual assault, even though they do not profess any control over students’ behavior outside school hours. Being accused of a sex crime does not constitute guilt. Each person has the right to a fair trial and is entitled to retain legal representation when facing charges in court.

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