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On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Firm News

Divorce is seldom easy, and it often leads to contentious debates and derision between former spouses in Missouri and elsewhere. Years ago, one woman accused her husband of sexual assault against their son. The man, who was then a boy, has stated for years that he lied to please his mother.

From the beginning, the woman’s former husband adamantly denied that he had ever abused his son. He professed his innocence for a long time, ultimately entering a no-contest plea in the hope that his criminal record would be cleared within three years’ time. He has since stated that he came to greatly regret that decision and wished he would have continued to maintain his innocence.

The governor of Missouri recently issued a pardon to the man and said his name no longer has to remain on the sex offender registry list. The initial charges were filed in 1989. The governor’s official gesture has apparently been long awaited by both the man and his now 32-year-old son.

The exonerated man is now age 57 and said he is overjoyed that justice has finally been served. His former wife, however, continues to hold to her original accusations of sexual assault against her son, even though the son himself says his father never mistreated him in any way. Such situations can be quite complicated and are typically best addressed alongside strong and effective defense representation. Any person accused of sex-related crimes in Indiana, or any other state, has the right to aggressively fight against all charges in court.

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