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On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2016 | Firm News

In Missouri and everywhere else in the United States, there are laws that govern sexually-related offenses. Anyone accused of sexual assault has the right to fight those charges in court. Actions that actually constitute a criminal sexual assault are categorized in different ways from state to state.

Generally speaking, a sex assault typically involves some form of unwanted touching or sexual contact made by force or coercion. The law also specifically addresses situations where an alleged victim was considered mentally incapable of understanding the nature of the acts perpetrated. Any circumstance, be it mental disability, influence of drugs or alcohol, or other conditions that render a person incapable of indicating an unwillingness to participate in sexual activity is considered incapacitation.

There are many instances, however, where someone accused of sexual wrongdoing is later proved innocent. Merely being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down. There may be several options for building a strong defense; such things are often best considered alongside experienced guidance.

Most states now have laws pertaining to sexual assault of a spouse. Anyone facing such charges in Missouri will want to seek clarification on the laws in this state before proceeding to court. Providing information regarding current laws and regulations is only one of the many valuable services an experienced criminal defense attorney can offer. As an advocate, an attorney can also act on one’s behalf in all interactions with law enforcement agents and other officials who may be investigating a particular situation.

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